Houses are the main factions that players can join. House of Titans has 20 unique Houses that players can select. Houses have a limited capacity for members to join.

Information regarding each House individually can be found here: House List

House Benefits

Joining a House provides many benefits to the player, including:

  1. Increase of Success Rates or Reward Yield from missions.

  2. Gives access to the sub-community of that House, allowing to participate in community building events.

  3. Gains access to House crests which can be used to integrate into the NFT through the CIP 68 NFT customizer.

  4. Gain the benefit of the House passive, which provides unique benefits for all members of the House. Passive benefits can be upgraded or added through Titan or Royal holders using the House Treasury to purchase these bonuses.

  5. Earn leaderboard rewards such as Gems or additional resources for efficient play.

Loyalty is paramount within the House of Titans ecosystem. The goal of joining a House is to perform actions for the betterment of the chosen House. All actions players perform contribute resources to their House Treasury, which determines the total wealth of the House. The Houses with the most wealth within their Treasury will rank on the public leaderboard, earning further bonuses for synergistic play.

House Capacity

Every House has a total capacity of members that can join a given House. Within that total capacity, each House is further split into capacities for each hierarchical Class within the House. While the total capacity of each House is 325 (As to accommodate every NFT character in the initial mint, 6500 NFTs / 20 Houses = 325 NFTs / House), the specific capacities for classes within the House may vary. No matter what, there is always only 1 Titan for every House.

Example (Values not Final):

House of Pepe Total Capacity = 325 Class Capacity = 1x Titan, 9x Royals, 15x Mystics, 75x Military, 100x Townsfolk, 125x Peasants

House of Atlas → Total Capacity = 325 Class Capacity = 1x Titan, 7x Royals, 12x Mystics, 65x Military, 90x Townsfolk, 150x Peasants

Joining / Leaving Houses

Whenever a player acquires an NFT, the player may choose to "Swear an Oath" to a House with enough capacity for that NFT's Class. This process is done through an application system where players may apply to a House that has capacity. Their NFT and profile is then sent to the Royals & Titan of the House, who will vote to Accept or Reject. The Titan's vote is weighted much higher than any individual Royal. If the total votes are tied or in favor, the player is accepted into the House.

Titan possesses a unique power known as a "veto," which they can use occasionally.

Houses may have further player-generated restrictions to joining a specific House, such as payment of Gems or having a specific type of feature visible on that NFT. These are intrinsically player-generated restrictions, meaning that it is entirely moderated by the players and members of the House.

Players can choose to leave their sworn House by performing an action called: "Breaking your Oath". Performing this action prevents the NFT from joining other Houses for a penalty period (i.e. 1 Week). During this period, players cannot receive rewards, nor embark on missions to earn resources. This is primarily to prevent any exploits of players joining, betraying, and rejoining over and over again.

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