What are gems?

Gems serve as an off-chain token, playing a pivotal role in our project by offering a multitude of functions within our ecosystem.

Gem Utility

  • Purchase & Upgrade NFT traits

  • Upgrade House Stats

  • Pay for House joining fees

  • Purchase NFTs

  • Purchase merch

More to be announced soon...

How to earn gems?

  • Connect your wallet, discord & X account to our website. Once connected, you can earn gems by visiting your profile daily.

  • Completing upcoming daily and weekly tasks within your profile.

  • Completing missions

  • House Leaderboard ranking rewards

  • Giveaways or competitions

Rewards hub In the upcoming HOT rewards hub, you will be able to trade your gems for various rewards. 1. HOT Traits, these traits will be issued by the House of Titans, be limited to a specific number, and allow holders to upgrade their NFTs traits and at times class/rank. This gives the potential to create a higher-ranking NFT, a higher class NFT or to simply update to traits you like more, which in turn creates increased value for the holder.

This means that the NFTs that you currently have can be modified in the future.

  1. The reward's hub will serve as a marketplace for our gamification platform. Drawing inspiration from epic games like Age of Empires, the reward's hub will serve as a hub for trading diverse resources like gems, food, and eyeballs. Moreover, it will offer the opportunity to purchase house accessories and upgrades, such as fortified defense systems like enhanced walls for your house. (hint - this will be useful against military/mercenary attacks 👀)

  2. Gems can be used along with ADA to purchase "House traits" creating a revenue stream for any artists in your house who create original traits and want to sell these to the community.

    We also envision this will strengthen communities in the form of encouraging house-specific art.

The House Traits revenue stream model not only enables existing community artists to supplement their income but also presents a valuable opportunity for emerging talents to showcase their skills and gain exposure for marketing purposes.

More to be announced soon...

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