Class: Titan


The Titan Class are the 1/1 unique leaders of their respective Houses. With full governance over every facet of the House, the Titan is a force of nature with proficiency in Raid Missions. Titans would not lower themselves to the level of simple Resource gathering, leading to their Incompetence in Food & Gem gathering Missions.

The Titan has a bevy of Unique Abilities at their disposal, including a passive Gem Stipend, the ability they share with Royals called "Incentivize", and the Titan exclusive ability called "Command".


  • Raid Missions


  • Food gathering Missions

  • Gem gathering Missions

Unique Abilities:

Gem Stipend: All Gems gathered by any member of the House are split between the player who earned them, the House Treasury, all Royals, and the Titan

Incentivize: 1 / Day → Titan Class holders may opt to spend 15* (Temp Values) of their own Gems & 15 Gems from the House Treasury to increase the Reward Yield for all Missions gathering a specific Resource. This effect stacks up to 4 times for every Titan or Royal who chooses the same Resource.

Command: 1 / Week → Titan Class holders may choose a specific Mission to issue a command. This orders every member of the House to embark upon the chosen Mission or else incur a penalty. Compliant members gain proficiency in the Mission if they didn't already have it, and increases the Reward Yield for all successes. Non-compliant members have reduced Success Rates for any other Mission.

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