Class: Royal


The Royal Class are akin to a council of elders that govern the majority of operations within the House. Royal Class holders do not have any inherit Proficiencies and are incompetent in Food & Gem gathering Missions.

In exchange, Royals earn a stipend of all gathered Gems by any member of the House.

Additionally, Royals have a Unique Ability called "Incentivize"




  • Food gathering Missions

  • Gem gathering Missions

Unique Abilities:

Gem Stipend: All Gems gathered by any member of the House are split between the player who earned them, the House Treasury, the Titan, and all Royal members.

Incentivize: 1 / Day → Royal Class holders may opt to spend 15* (Temp Values) of their own Gems & 15 Gems from the House Treasury to increase the Reward Yield for all Missions gathering a specific Resource. This effect stacks up to 4 times for every Royal Class holder who chooses the same Resource.

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