House of Titans NFT Characters are the primary asset that players must acquire to engage with the gamification systems of the project. Characters have the following properties:

  • Class: Class determines a Character's base Proficiencies, additional Actions, and any passive Abilities. An NFT Character's Class can be upgraded.

  • Traits: Traits are the individual assets adorning each NFT. Traits provide additional bonuses to Success Rate, Reward Yield, or award additional Proficiencies for Characters who have these traits. Rarer Traits provide greater bonuses. Players can purchase different Traits for their NFT to customize their Character or get stronger bonuses.

  • Race: Though Race is a Trait of each NFT, they behave differently. While Traits can be adjusted, Race are static traits that provide flat Strengths and weaknesses for the Character. Rarer Races have stronger strengths and greater weaknesses.

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