House Treasury

Every House measures their wealth by comparing their House Treasury which is the lump total of all Food, Gems, Eyeballs, & House Upgrades the House currently has. Every House's House Treasury is publicly visible to anyone and is displayed on the House page. House Upgrades maintain the value of the resources expended to perform the upgrade. (i.e. House Upgrade costs 1k Gems, the House will always have 1k Gems attributed to their House Treasury and this value cannot be Raided)

Houses with the greatest amount of resources in their House Treasury are listed at the top of the leaderboard. Houses at the top of the leaderboard gain additional Gem, Resources, or limited items.

Only the Titan & Royals may access the treasury in order to perform House Upgrades or use certain Unique Actions. The Titan may utilize the funds within the House Treasury for whatever they want, while the Royals must submit a proposal to the other Royals & Titan for a House Upgrade action to be made. Royals may freely take resources from the House Treasury for their Unique Action "Incentivize".

All changes to the House Treasury are logged for review for the House Titan and Royals.

Resources that members of a House gather are either entirely delegated to the House Treasury or split between the player, Royals, Titan, and House Treasury. Resources are distributed as follows:

  • Food: All Food is sent directly to the House Treasury. To embark on a Mission, an equivalent amount of Food is removed from the House Treasury.

  • Gems: Gems are split between the Player, the House Treasury, split amongst the Royals, and the Titan.

  • Eyeballs: All Eyeballs earned are sent directly to the House Treasury. Eyeballs are rare materials used to perform powerful House Upgrades.

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